Info for NonProfits

FiftyForward RSVP Community Partners
FiftyForward RSVP partners with non-profit and public agencies in Davidson and Williamson County.  As a division of the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Senior Corps program we are bound by specific federal guidelines regulating our service partners.

FiftyForward RSVP focuses on our efforts on placing volunteers with agencies in the following areas of emphasis:

  • Independent living for seniors
  • Nutrition and education for food insecure populations
  • Veterans and military families
  • Educational support for struggling students

FiftyForward RSVP requires all community partners to sign a MOU outlining terms of agreement.  RSVP also works with partner agencies to create service descriptions for each volunteer opportunity.   For a sample of the MOU please click here.

As a provision of our federal grant RSVP requires that all stations abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Religious Activities:  The Volunteer Station will not request or assign RSVP volunteers to conduct or engage in religious, sectarian, or political activities.
  2. Displacement of Employees:  The Volunteer Station will not assign RSVP volunteers to any assignment that would displace employed workers or impair existing contracts for services.
  3. Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation: The Volunteer Station will maintain the programs and activities to which RSVP volunteers are assigned accessible to persons with disabilities (including mobility, hearing, vision, mental, and cognitive impairments or addictions and diseases) and/or limited English language proficiency and provide reasonable accommodation to allow persons with disabilities to participate in programs and activities
  4. Electoral Activities: Volunteers will not be used for electoral activities, voter registration, voter transportation to polls or in efforts to influence legislation.
  5. Labor Activities: Volunteers are not used to support labor or anti-labor organizations or related activity.
  6. Compensation: Stations are not to request compensation from the beneficiaries of Senior Corps volunteers nor is financial support of the RSVP project a precondition for volunteer service.  RSVP volunteers are not to receive a fee for service from service recipients, their guardian, family or friends.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a RSVP partner please contact Robin Johnson at