We provide older adults and caregivers access to services and peace of mind.

We all want to live independently and enjoy a full, rich life for as long as possible. We also want to support our loved ones throughout their lives.  Planning for the future can be difficult when none of us knows what life holds in store. Fortunately, the FiftyForward Care Team fee for service geriatric care management program, is here to help families embrace the opportunities and face the challenges of aging.

Without the experienced guidance of a professional, decisions and choices can be overwhelming.  You can get help with one phone call to the FiftyForward Care Team. We work with you to find the best possible solutions to care challenges.

The FiftyForward Care Team geriatric care managers help you and your loved one through services including but not limited to:

  • Assessment – an individual, personalized, comprehensive assessment of all the areas important to consider as we age;
  • Care Planning tailored to each individual – objective, expert recommendations for services to address your goals and promote as much independence as possible while addressing safety and care concerns;
  • Advocacy, Education and Support – we all benefit from a trusted advocate to provide coaching and support to help us reach our goals;
  • Communication – good communication is key to good outcomes for everyone. We consult with older adults, care providers and family members near and far to ensure that we work together as a team to care for loved ones; and
  • Health & Care Management – we connect with health and care providers, escort customers to medical appointments to improve coordination of medical care, monitor complex medical conditions and oversee home health, hospice and other services.

With the FiftyForward Care Team, you receive:

  • Assistance from highly qualified professional staff known for their expertise and empathy;
  • Referrals to thoroughly vetted resources; and
  • 24/7 access for families in need of that support.

Wherever your older adult calls home, we can help.The FiftyForward Care Team goes wherever an older adult lives, at home or in a care facility.

For long distance caregivers – We believe that we can all support our loved ones whether we live close by or at a distance. We can be your eyes and ears if you live out-of-town and your loved one lives in Middle Tennessee.

Every individual is different, every family is unique. If you have a need, contact us to ask if we can help. We are confident that the FiftyForward Care Team can assist your family.

As a nonprofit agency, FiftyForward measures our success by the difference we make in your life.

To learn more about the FiftyForward Care Team, our fee for service program, contact the Care Team Director.