FiftyForward Conservatorship
FiftyForward serves as conservator for individuals who can no longer make safe or appropriate decisions for themselves due to cognitive and/or physical disabilities. We have served in this role since 1995 when appointed by the courts to manage personal and/or financial decisions.

Download our Conservatorship flyer.

FiftyForward Conservatorship customers benefit from:

  • A healthcare advocate for decision making.
  • Assistance in managing income and assets.
  • Help in maintaining an active lifestyle, family relationships and independence.
  • Regular in-home visits.
  • Court oversight of all decisions made regarding sale of property and management of finances.
  • 24/7 access to staff.

FiftyForward Conservatorship customers experience:

  • Decreased vulnerability to victimization.
  • Higher quality of life.
  • An ongoing relationship with a caring advocate.
  • Preservation and management of assets.
  • Appropriate health care and living arrangements.

For further information regarding this program,
Call FiftyForward Conservatorship at (615) 743-3436.

To be eligible for services, clients must:

  • Be 50 years of age or older.
  • Have apetition  filed by an attorney and FiftyForward must agree to serve prior to being appointed.
  • Have no family member or other agency is willing to serve.
  • Be a resident of Middle Tennesee.
  • Have funds to pay program fees.

This program is funded solely by program fees and FiftyForward support.