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Whether you identify as a senior, an older adult, or a Zoomer (today’s hip term for active Baby Boomers) we are eager to celebrate and share these stories of inspiration so others will Squeeze the Day through this podcast. The stories of a well-lived life, as told by those in their second chapter (50 years old through the Greatest Generation), are worth sharing as they are the lifeblood of our community.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

John Hamlin After Losing His Daughter, Nashville Father Navigates Through Devastating Depression To Find True Purpose Through Video Production

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Phil Ponder Is Redefining Retirement By Advocating For Others And Capturing Our Community One Brush Stroke At A Time

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Barry Coggins: Singer/Songwriter Nourishes Community By Delivering Meals (13,000 And Counting), Kindness, And Sometimes A Song

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Vera Coleman: All of Us Research ambassador shares how seventh-grade science fueled her career in research and quest for a healthy community

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Sarah Martin McConnell

Sarah Martin McConnell: Mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s leads Nashville resident to launch nonprofit Music for Seniors to light up lives

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Nancy VanReece: Building Bridges Of Community Service

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Nashville-Based Spashionista Alicia Searcy: Smashing Fashion Stereotypes

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Joe Elmore, host of NPT’s “Tennessee Crossroads” shows us the road less traveled can hold sweet surprises.

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Octogenarian Ossie Jefferson-Corley shares how health, nutrition, and a positive attitude feed her love for life.

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About the Podcast and Our Hosts

Welcome to Squeeze the Day, a monthly podcast where we talk to extraordinary older adults living their best life now. Produced by FiftyForward, a Nashville nonprofit agency that supports, champions, and enhances life for those 50 and older, Squeeze the Day highlights inspiring stories and experiences from all walks of life with the hope of encouraging all of us to “squeeze every drop” of fun and purpose out of our second chapters.

The nation’s 65-and-older population has grown rapidly since the 2010 U.S. Census count, driven by Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964. Now as the earliest Gen Xers (1965-1980) find themselves in the 50+ range, we see a growing trend to live life to the fullest. FiftyForward programs and services help older adults live longer, more engaged and active lives.

Hosted by FiftyForward Communication Director Susan Sizemore, with occasional appearances by FiftyForward Chief Executive Officer Sallie Hussey, this podcast will highlight a wide-range of topics and experiences especially relevant to this demographic. You can listen to this inspiring podcast wherever you catch your favorite podcasts.