The future of health begins with you.

The All of Us Research Program has a simple mission:  to speed up health research breakthroughs. To do this, we’re asking one million people to help us lead the way in discovering better care for all of us.

What is the All of Us Research Program?

Creating the right health approaches and care for the right person is called precision medicine. Getting the right information to make that happen is the goal of the All of Us Research Program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

By understanding people’s health, neighborhood, family, and lifestyle, researchers will have information to better understand health and disease. This information is essential to create a healthier future for generations to come. To get there, we are creating the largest health data resource ever.

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What is the role of FiftyForward?

FiftyForward is a National Community Engagement Partner with the All of Us Research Program from the National Institutes of Health. Our role is to educate, excite and facilitate enrollment in the All of Us Research Program by reaching out to historically underrepresented populations including older adults.  FiftyForward also trains peer ambassador volunteers to engage their communities and inspire others to enroll in this new and exciting research effort.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about the All of Us Research Program, please visit the website at  There you can read more about the program, and even enroll directly from the website.  If you would like computer assistance in enrolling in All of Us, please call or email Kelsey Mahaffey, All of Us Project Director (see below for contact info).

All of Us Team

Kelsey Mahaffey, FiftyForward All of Us Project Director

A former FiftyForward center director, Kelsey has close to 20 years’ experience with the agency and older adults.  Moving to Nashville from Texas, she began her career as a recreation therapist.  Kelsey is excited to be a part of the All of Us team as it works to educate and inspire underrepresented communities about the benefits of the All of Us Research Program.

Kelsey can be reached by email: or 615-743-3431

Kendall Ericksen All of Us Research and Engagement Assistant

To learn more about the program, click HERE.

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