FiftyForward RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program)

FiftyForward RSVP is a volunteer program that engages adults age 55 and over in select service opportunities in Davidson and Williamson Counties.  RSVP is a division of Senior Corps, a federal agency dedicated to engaging older adults in service to their community.

FiftyForward RSVP offers the following opportunities for volunteer service:

FiftyForward Friends Learning in Pairs (FLIP)
FiftyForward Friends Learning in Pairs (FLIP) matches adult tutors age 55+ with students in partnering Davidson and Williamson County elementary schools for one-on-one academic support in reading or math.  FLIP tutors are required to take part in an interview, complete a criminal history check and attend a full day training session prior to service.  Volunteers are provided with ongoing guidance and support, high quality tutoring materials and recognition for their service.

In the school year 2017/18, 108 FLIP tutors served 422 students in 30 partner schools with the following results:

  • 86% of students served either achieved grade level proficiency or increased their academic grade level by at least ½ grade.
  • 96% of teachers referring a child to FLIP indicated the program helped them achieve their goals for student improvement
  • 93% of volunteer tutors indicated that they were able to make a positive difference in a child’s life as result of volunteering with the FLIP program

For more information about becoming a volunteer or partner school please contact:

Sandra Thomas
Friends Learning in Pairs Director


FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels
The volunteer corps for FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels is largely comprised of age 55+ adults who serve as meal prep and delivery volunteers for this popular program that serves nutrient rich, healthy meals to older adults who are not able to prepare meals on their own.  Kitchen meal prep volunteers are needed each weekday morning from 9–11 a.m.  Volunteers are able to view an on-line sign-up list and preschedule their service based on their availability.  Delivery drivers are asked to make a commitment to regular meal delivery.  Meals are delivered each weekday with pick up beginning at 10:30 am from the FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels location at 3511 Belmont Blvd.

For more information about becoming a FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels volunteer please contact:

Georgina Dench
RSVP Volunteer Coordinator at FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels


Dandridge Tower Partnership
FiftyForward RSVP also maintains a relationship with the Dandridge Tower Apartment Community.  RSVP volunteers based out of Dandridge Tower travel monthly to a different area nonprofit to complete volunteer service projects.

For information about engaging the services of the Dandridge Tower RSVP volunteers please contact:

Robin Johnson
Director of Volunteer Engagement

Please click HERE for a copy of the FiftyForward RSVP Volunteer Handbook.

Learn more about Senior Corps and National Service volunteer opportunities,

The Corporation for National Service provides $378,088 (60%) in funding for FiftyForward Senior Corps affiliate programs Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Foster Grandparent Program. $252,482 (40%) of Senior Corps program support is provided by non-governmental sources.