FiftyForward Madison Station Lead Program Manager Heather McNeese and member of the year award winner Pamela Schutt

Photo Gallery: Whistlestop New York

Last week, more than 100 guests were present as the Whistlestop fictional train visited “The Big Apple” for a fundraiser featuring the food and music of New York City to benefit older adults served through FiftyForward Madison Station. Emceed by Lelan Statom, NewsChannel 5 meteorologist and co-host of Talk of the Town, attendees were welcomed by Kelly McCambridge, FiftyForward Madison Station’s new center director, as they supported the work FiftyForward does in the community.

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senior male video conferencing

Virtual Speech Therapy Provides Support for Communication Challenges Related to Stress Around Social Settings

Have there been times when you are gathered with others in a group setting and you notice loved ones who have communication challenges are finding it difficult to engage with friends, family, and their community? As we age, we may become aware of diminishing communicative abilities and this may prevent us from easily reaching out to friends and family. The effects of these challenges can go far beyond the ability to communicate effectively. In fact, according to a recent study, older adults in particular can start to feel isolated, depressed, anxious, and lonely, and especially after the holidays.

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When Should Older Adults Get Hitched?

More seniors are finding love later in life and enjoying satisfying relationships. Statistics show that senior men and women alike have longer total and active life expectancies. Being wiser after a lifetime of experience with relationships, seniors are enjoying life with an equal partner and less conflict. If you are a senior about to enter into matrimony, there are points to consider

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