We all need and deserve an advocate in difficult times.


“When I had been a victim of a crime, it was a tough load to take. I was depressed, worried, and finally, I found someone to come to my rescue … This is how I came into [FiftyForward] Victory Over Crime. It’s been a blessing to have someone on your side. I rest better. I can see the future better. My bank account is better. This is the place where you can go and get help.” -Mr. Jackson, client

FiftyForward Victory Over Crime supports older adults who have been victimized by crime.  Caring professionals help victims overcome the trauma of crimes such as neglect, financial exploitation, domestic violence, sexual assault, mail or phone fraud, burglary, and physical abuse.

The FiftyForward Victory Over Crime program assists individuals with safety planning, connection to community services, advocacy through legal proceedings, household needs, as well as other types of supportive care services.

For more information, please call
615-743-3417 or email Ashely Hunter at ahunter@fiftyforward.org.

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