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Thank You for Supporting Whistlestop Paris

FiftyForward Madison Station

Thank you for joining us for Whistlestop 2024!  As the primary fundraiser for FiftyForward Madison Station, your support helps us strengthen our programs that serve our diverse community. 

We will see you next year – wonder where the train will take us next?

Our Good Works

Your support helps us strengthen our programs that serve our community.

This year, we began a partnership with the Metro Meals Program to counter food insecurity by providing high-quality, fresh, nutrient-dense meals to those 60 and older - at no cost to the recipient. With the help of Center volunteers, we currently serve 30 people per day.

After the December 2023 tornadoes that devastated parts of Madison, we partnered with the Community Resource Center, Second Harvest Food Bank, and Hands-on Nashville to become the community disaster distribution site. We served over 150 tornado survivors per day by providing food, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies.

We connect with older adults in our community, by increasing their engagement and quality of life through opportunities such as:

  • Access to wellness programs, including yoga and evidence-based Chair Arthritis Class
  • Scholarships for members below the federal poverty line
  • Engaging in opportunities to volunteer in the community
  • Partnering with the local police department to serve the senior homeless population
  • Teaching lifelong learning skills such as computer literacy
  • Care Assessment to help with housing and other daily needs

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Cast Your Vote!

In this historic race, volunteer community leaders from Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, and the Chamber of Commerce campaign to collect the most dollars or "votes" to win the coveted title Conductor of the Year. Click here to review this year's Conductor candidates and use your dollars to cast your vote!


FiftyForward Madison Station

Whistlestop benefits FiftyForward Madison Station and our diverse community of nearly 500 members. Through our center, members gain access to vital services, including transportation, legal advocacy and education. We also offer daily programming ranging from group fitness to art and music classes to volunteer opportunities.

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