FLIP (Friends Learning IIMG_0952n Pairs)
I don’t know where we would be without FLIP. They helped six children in my class improve at least a year’s growth. These students were below level and made all benchmarks this year! –Teacher, Franklin Elementary

FiftyForward Friends Learning in Pairs (FLIP) is an intergenerational volunteer tutoring program sponsored by FiftyForward RSVP. FLIP has provided support in public schools since 1993.

In Davidson and Williamson counties, hundreds of children in kindergarten through fourth grade struggle with basic reading and math skills. FiftyForward FLIP tutors provide the individual support, encouragement and friendship these young students need.
FiftyForward FLIP volunteers support students through weekly, one-on-one tutoring sessions. Tutors are assigned to work with the same students for the entire school year, so students and tutors are able to form mutually beneficial friendships.

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IMG_0903Join other FiftyForward FLIP volunteers today!
FiftyForward FLIP tutors come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. What ties these wonderful older adult volunteers together is their eagerness to respond to the needs of children and schools in their community.

The majority of FiftyForward FLIP tutors have never taught in a formal classroom, but they are passionate about helping children.

When you sign up to be a FLIP tutor, you receive:

  • Pre-service training from FiftyForward FLIP staff and literacy/math coaches.
  • Training workshops.
  • In-school support from literacy/math coaches.
  • Books, materials, and additional tutoring resources.

To get started, contact:
Sandra Thomas, FLIP director
Phone: 615-743-3422
Email: sthomas@fiftyforward.org

FiftyForward FLIP Brochure (Download Printable PDF)