Important Announcement

FiftyForward centers are a great place for folks to gather, learn, and socialize. As we monitor coronavirus developments, we are working diligently to balance the needs of our members as well as potential risks.

Based on input and guidance from experts, we will be making the following changes. Beginning March 16 through April 3:

  • Center programming and activities will be suspended.
  • Adult Day Services will be suspended.
  • Team members will establish some new ways to reach out.
  • FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels will continue to operate.

If you know of an older adult in need, please call us Monday-Friday at 615-743-3416. The health/wellbeing of our center members and program participants is paramount in everything we do at FiftyForward.



The goal of FiftyForward is to assist Adults 50+ in Middle Tennessee to live longer, more fulfilling lives through innovative programs and services. Committed and compassionate staff, volunteers and partners form a powerful leadership team positively impacting older adults, their families, and the community.

Being a member of FiftyForward Bordeaux since October 2018 has been amazing. I’ve learned a lot about the program and its diverse services for members, staff, volunteers, and guests who are seeking to put their talents adept skills or abilities to good use in the community and also contribute to the tranquil ambiance of the center's location. Consequently, I sincerely appreciate the comraderies because I’ve become less introverted. FiftyForward Center Member
I am glad we have such a fabulous center. I love going there and socializing. FiftyForward Center Member
Our FiftyForward Friends Learning in Pairs (FLIP) volunteers provide much more than just academic support: they build relationships, encourage and inspire our students to be leaders. Fall-Hamilton Enhanced Option Elementary
Previously I was eating fatty foods, this (FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels) changed my diet. Now I eat more vegetables and wholesome foods. I appreciate the people who take time out of their day to deliver this service. FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels Recipient
I am a full-time caregiver for my mother and the center gives me fun times with small acting groups.
The longer we live the greater our need for new friends to continually renew the zest for life.


At seven FiftyForward locations, five in Davidson County and two in Williamson County, members enjoy classes, activities, events, trips, and projects focusing on education, health, recreation, and volunteer opportunities.


FiftyForward Crown Affair Postponed. For more information, visit the FiftyForward Crown Affair page.

For weekly events, visit your local center page.

We are honored to be a national partner in this NIH Effort.