Squeeze The Day Podcast with Barry Coggins: singer/songwriter nourishes community by delivering meals (13,000 and counting), kindness, and sometimes a song

For more than 36 years, Barry Coggins has served up food, and sometimes a song or two, to lift-up and nourish older adults in his home communities of Dallas and Nashville. That’s approximately 13,000 meals! Coggins doesn’t know a stranger. As a longtime ally and advocate for others, a friend of the singer/songwriter said, “giving is Barry’s middle name.” Learn more about this man with a heart of gold.

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Benefits of volunteering

Older volunteers who are active and involved are essential to a healthy community; volunteerism extends and enhances life The number of older adults in America is soaring, and will be for decades. By the year 2050, those 65+ will account for 21 percent of the population. Seniors are living longer, better lives than their counterparts

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