Although the temperature hovers above 90, I know fall is coming.  I remarked to a colleague last week that my favorite smell was fall.  Some of you know that smell – firewood, number two pencils, wet leaves, and books.  Somehow fall reminds me of change.  It’s most likely the leaves changing or the start of a new school year, but I am always ready for fall.  While most folks see spring as the beginning, I see fall in those terms.  It welcomes new and beckons change.

This weekend one of FiftyForward’s long-standing volunteers, Barry Coggins, held his 20th Annual Golf Tournament for FiftyForward Fresh/Meals on Wheels.

I watched the month-long build-up in awe. His tireless efforts raise money, year after year, for a program he can speak to so eloquently.  If you ask him about delivering meals, his face truly beams with joy.  At the same time last week, a group of young new volunteers from Meharry Medical School danced on over to FiftyForward Bordeaux Center. For the first time, they taught our Bordeaux members how to salsa dance.  I watched the video over and over and smiled bigger each time.

FiftyForward has a rich 62-year history with a mission to support, enhance, and champion the lives of adults over the age of 50.  That will never change.  Our supportive care programs, like FiftyForward Fresh, Living at Home, Victory Over Crime, and others remain key supports to adults and families as they address independence and isolation. How we deliver these programs — we’ll want to make sure we do for at least another 62 years — will most likely change some. Those who are part of our programs and services want and need them in new and different ways today than they did even 10 years ago. I imagine 10 years from now, it will be different, too.  The sameness will remain in the mission, goals, and wonderful individuals who do this work.

Some things change and usher in new – like salsa dancing.  Others stay the same (thank goodness) like a remarkable volunteer’s golfing efforts.  How appropriate I witnessed both of these this fall season, my favorite time of year, the time I see beginnings all around.

By: Sallie Hussey