Squeeze The Day: Phil Ponder is redefining retirement by advocating for others and capturing our community one brush stroke at a time

Phil Ponder has captured our hearts and our Nashville for the last 50-plus years. He’s perhaps best known for his watercolor renderings of Nashville area skylines and historic buildings. Tune in for some interesting Nashville trivia including the special weather-sensitive letters on the L&C Tower, as well as the “superhero” architect who presented the initial design for the infamous Batman building. Ponder also speaks about longevity and his mother who lived to be 112. His quest to give back to the community, stay active and engaged to Squeeze the Day is inspiring and worth sharing.

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Squeeze The Day Podcast with Barry Coggins: singer/songwriter nourishes community by delivering meals (13,000 and counting), kindness, and sometimes a song

For more than 36 years, Barry Coggins has served up food, and sometimes a song or two, to lift-up and nourish older adults in his home communities of Dallas and Nashville. That’s approximately 13,000 meals! Coggins doesn’t know a stranger. As a longtime ally and advocate for others, a friend of the singer/songwriter said, “giving is Barry’s middle name.” Learn more about this man with a heart of gold.

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